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Ultimately, the problem is not to be meant to be solved at the expense of others or state government, but of ourselves, requiring us to become alike Christian saints as preached in Kempis' Imitation of Christ or in the Bible's Matthew 5: The most sophisticated interpretations, for instance of the Walkyrie at Berlin Staatsoper referenced above talk about the scenography of Guy Cassiers and his team from the "innovation house of scenic art in Antwerp" that co-produced with the La Scala opera in Milan. S Fortsatt hets mot kristna. And instead of being helped and loved, to see somebody recording everything and broadcasting it through a loudspeaker on the streets, or on a theater stage, attributing to us particular philosophical or political standspoints that suit others' interests. Another grown-up middleaged son or granddaughter, who in childhood never got a reprimand from the "absent father" and rather expect motherly complacency for all self-centered needs or wishes, nourish lasting resentment against anybody who rebukes them or does not satisfy their wishes or expectations. I also argue that fathers should be granted a mechanism by which they can exercise such a right.

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They should confess it without blaming "situational influences" for the evil while praising themselve for the good, as in some late psychologizing ethics.

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In my childhood in Catholic Italy, for example, I myself, as many young men, was educated to symbolize archetypal femininity with the figure of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. But the paradisiacal, primordial state of peace, serenity, and freedom from conflict lives on in man as a "memory", and therefore modern man dreams of a lost Paradise, even in socialistic and communistic speculations. He lacks a consciousness of the divine Father's presence in the world and senses an emptiness and meaningslessness that stimulates him to give himself up to endless narcissistic imaginings and speculations, which replace reality. Solar and wind energy really dried our clothes. Based on my reading of psychoanalysis and depth psychology I joined soon theĀ  critics of SCUM but realized gradually that it is the literary expression of both the roots of feminism as well as of the essence of so called hate speech that has been well exemplified in Swedish feminist debate. The self-avowed lesbian feminist Kristina Hultman earlier in the same Dagens Nyheter 9 October equates antifeminists with "terrorists like Anders Behring Breivik, aggrieved white men, religious patriarchs and fascist movements.

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